Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And so it begins ...

The adventure has begun.

We're a little over a week in and up to this point we've spent A LOT of time traveling. At my count, 41 hours on a plane or train ... and that doesn't include the time we waited at the airport or train station.

That said, the travel has been mostly fun. While I was worried about spending 14 hours on a plane, it was, in reality, uninterrupted time to read. It was great. I finished my book.

We spent a few days in Bangkok, our first stop. Bangkok, for me, was busy, noisy, dirty, full of annoying tourists, in other words not my favorite. We did go to the Grand Palace (click for photos), which I very much enjoyed.

On the overnight train North to Chiang Mai we met two Swedes who made great company.

Chiang Mai is my heaven on earth. The weather's more comfortable (80s instead of the 90s we experienced in Bangkok, and cooler at night), the people are friendly and the food is amazing.

Also there's a bookstore on every corner. Speaking of which, I better get back to it. Stay tuned ... more to come!


  1. fun to read thank u thank u so good to hear from u guys love always mom m

  2. Hey it was great skyping with you and jim!! We should try and skype again before you leave since you have free net so let me know what works!! love ya manday